We offer a idea of using plants, animals, bacteria and other natural materials like minerals and other things for fighting against the pests. Some of the materials considered as Agricultural Biopesticides are canola oil and baking soda.

Product Details:

Brand White Out
Target Whitefly  Control
Dose 1.5 to 2.0 ml per Liter of water
Packaging 50ml , 100ml, 250ml

These insecticides are very powerful and helpful in the complete control of insects. In this method, certain animals, natural materials, minerals are used to control insects.

Other Details:

  • Content: Oil of Wild plant seeds, Fatty Acid and Alkaloids
  • Function: To control White fly
  • Recommended Crops: Any Field Crops and/or Horticultural Crops
  • Used as on: At the time of disease
  • Compatibility: Mix with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/ PGR


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