Product Details:


Brand Black gold
Content Humic Acid + Amino acid + Sea weed
Dose 8 KG – 10 KG per Acre
Packaging 5 KG Pouch              8 KG Bucket             10KG Bucket


Preferred for its good composition and easy utility, the regulators are compatible with most of the chemical fertilizers. Known as the flowering stimulant by root growth, can be applied to any field crop, horticultural crop or fruit crop. The features of these regulators are as follows.


  • Function  :   Growth and flowering stimulant by root growth
  • Recommended Crops   :   Any Field Crops/ Horticultural Crops/ Fruit Crops
  • Application Time   :   At any time and at any stage of crop
  • Compatibility   :   Compatible with most of all chemical fertilizer


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